Bremshey Ambition Home Rowing Machine.

Buy Bremshey Ambition Home Rowing Machine with Heart Rate Display and Folding Design.

If you're always moving from place to place, living in rented accommodation or a student and need to frequently pack up your belongings and move everything in the boot of your car then your like the Bremshey Ambition Home Rowing Machine as the long seat slide folds upwards leaving a rowing machine that takes up hardly any floor space and will easily fit into the boot of a car or on the back seat, the Bremshey Ambition Home Rowing Machine is also easy to store round the house as when folded it takes up no more room than an upright vacuum cleaner.
Bremshey Ambition Home Rowing Machine, Heart Rate Display.

Heart Rate Display.

At head height is the large digital display mounted on an angled bracket which you can move to change the angle of the display and bring the display closer to you or further away, the displays shows you the time you have been rowing, the distance you have rowed and the standard time it takes you to row 500 meters, also displayed are your strokes per minute and the power you have generated yourself by rowing measured in Watts as well as your heart rate measure in BPM Beats Per Minute.

There's three different workout exercise programmes to choose from and they are designed to motivate you to row hard and challenge you to keep rowing eve if the rowing gets tough.

There's a built in fitness test which will measure your fitness levels and display them on the rowing machines digital display, take the fitness test as soon as you buy your rowing machine and take the fitness test a week or two later to see the improvements in your fitness levels whilst its one thing to think your losing weight or getting fitter its nice to actually see the numbers on the digital display and know your fitness levels for sure and see them improve over a period of time.
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