Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike.

Buy Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike the Family Exercise Cycle that Remembers Settings for 4 Users.

If your buying a home exercise bike for all the family to use then buy the Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike because it has a 4 user memory so everyone in the family can save their settings and load them again from the digital control panel, saving time and remembering any customisations that have been made to the exercise programmes.
Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike, Family Exercise Cycle.

Family Exercise Cycle.

The large digital display is in colour and provides feedback on the time you have been cycling, the speed you're cycling, your RPM, the calories you have burned due to cycling, your current heart rate and even the current room temperature.

Knowing the current room temperature is important because some people like a room to be cooler or warmer for them to exercise and if you have the exercise bike stored in a garden or shed this might be a very real concern for you that if the room is cold you won't be warmed up enough within your body and sprains and injuries can result if you don't warm up properly.

Having the calorie consumption displayed on the digital display is helpful if your watching your weight and need to know how many calories your burning for weight watchers or another diet club.

Also displayed on the computers digital display is your heart rate this is derived by using a built in sensor in the handlebars which measures the pulse in the palm of your hand whilst you hold the handlebars, the pulse is then used to calculate your heart rate in much the same way that a doctor or nurse would calculate your heart rate by taking your pulse.

As well as measuring your pulse to get a heart rate reading through the bikes handlebars a pulse ear clip is also included that will measure the pulse in your ear if you clip on the gadget, as well as handlebar and earlobe pulse measurement a receiver is built in that will display heart rate and pulse signals from wireless chest straps and heart rate monitoring watches and other sports gadgets.
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