Bremshey Control Vibration Plate.

Buy Bremshey Control Vibration Plate the Full Body Vibrating Plate for Vibration and Massage.

Lose weight, get fit and tone at home on a vibration plate, vibration plates are 30% more effective than standard exercise, vibration plates magnify the exercise making it more effective, your lose weight faster, tone faster and get fitter faster because the vibrations react positively with your exercise.
Bremshey Control Vibration Plate, Full Body Vibrating Plate.

Full Body Vibrating Plate.

Basically what you do is exercised on the vibration plate, do stretches, sit on the large vibration plate and do any floor exercises you like and the effect of the vibrations will be to make those exercises 30% more effective, as an example if you where to do three exercises on the floor, you would only have to do two on the vibration plate to get exactly the same benefit.

Another advantage of the Bremshey Control Vibration Plate is that you can use the vibrations to relieve sore and tired feet, legs and backs, simply stand on the vibration plate and adjust the vibration intensity to a level you like from small tingling vibrations to big throbbing vibrations that travel right through you the choice is yours, as the vibrations pass over you your feel like your having a whole body massage and you can vary the intensity of that massage from light to hard and very hard.

The beauty of a vibration plate like the Bremshey Control Vibration Plate is that you can use the vibration plate anytime you wish from when you get home from work all tired and aching and need a vibration massage or in the middle of the night when you wake up with a sore back and need a vibration massage to calm your muscles.

There's a large comfy rubber mat on the vibration plate base so you can sit on the mat and exercise or just enjoy the vibration massage and with a start and stop vibration button also mounted on the underneath of the control pad it's within easy reach when your sat on the vibration plate mat.
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