Buy Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike.

Buy Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike With Wireless Heart Rate Sensors and 16 Exercise Programmes.

The Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike is a very beautiful looking exercise bike with dark grey body and white metalwork and a flat panel LCD digital display this modern exercise bike will look good in any home.
Buy Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike, With Wireless Heart Rate Sensors.

With Wireless Heart Rate Sensors.

Pulse sensors in the handgrips measure your pulse as you hold the handlebars and display your pulse and heart rate on the flat panel display, the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike also has a wireless heart rate sensor built in which means the exercise bike is fully compatible with the range of heart rate watches, heart rate chest straps and other remote wireless heart rate accessories available, so if you have any of these your heart rate can be measured from these devices and if you don't have any of these extra heart rate devices then simply holding the handlebars will measure your pulse and heart rate.

The Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike has 16 exercise programmes built in, these programmes control the resistance level of the exercise bike and can make cycling easier or harder just like a real bike cycling along the roads, the exercise programmes allow you to select from a range of different activity levels like lose weight, cardio vascular workout, fast cycle, maintain heart rate, easy cycle, get fit, lose weight and more.

The exercise programmes available are fully programmable so you can make any changes you like to the cycling course, want a mountain to cycle up, want the cycling route to be flat, want to build up the muscles in your legs, simply change the exercise programme to meet your exact requirements or use the 16 exercise programmes that are included.

The flat panel digital display is seven inches in size and has plenty of room to make the panel easy to see and read even while you're cycling hard.
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