Buy Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike.

Buy Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike with Clipless Pedal Cleats so it's Cycling Shoe Compatible.

Enjoy cycling on a racing bike but want to cycle at home on a indoor racing bike that has all the features including clipless pedals so you can use cycling shoes that have cleats to fix you onto the racing bike then the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike is a great choice and available at a bargain price that is much less than other stores will charge for such a great spec indoor racing bike.
Buy Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike, Clipless Pedal Cleats.

Clipless Pedal Cleats.

Whilst the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike features clipless pedals you can still use the bike with normal sports shoes so if you don't fancy cycling shoes or find you just can't get on with them then you don't have to use them.

There's a micro adjustment resistance knob which lets you control very precisely exactly how hard it is to pedal and the large front flywheel ensures you build up lots of momentum for cycling fast just like on a real racing bike.

The multi position handlebars are foam covered for extra grip and you can hold the handlebars like a conventional cycle or in a racing bike, if you like to stand up and cycle then you can used the cleats and hold the handlebars in a racing position.

A water bottle is included to mounted on the cross bar and always within easy reach whilst your cycling, the racing saddle can be adjusted up and down and forwards and backwards bringing you closer or further away from the handlebars.

This indoor racing bike is mounted on a frame for maximum stability in use and has transport wheels on one end of the frame so you can tilt the bike and push the bike round the house like you would a wheelbarrow which makes it very easy to store and move from room to room.
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