Buy Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike.

Buy Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike the Beginners Home Exercise Cycle with Built In Fitness Test Programme.

If you're a beginner to exercising at home then buy the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike which is great for beginners as it includes a fitness test programme that's built into the digital display, simply take the built in fitness test and your see on screen how fit you are currently, then do the fitness test again a week later or a few weeks later and your see how much you have improved, it's like having your own personnel trainer who can measure your progress and help you understand your current fitness level.
Buy Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike, Beginners Home Exercise Cycle.

Beginners Home Exercise Cycle.

Inside the exercise cycle is a flywheel that makes the exercise bike respond like a normal bike as if you where cycling down the road, the flywheel provides the momentum that you get on a normal cycle, when you stop peddling on a biycycle you should have the momentum to continue moving and not a sudden increase in resistance as if you had applied the brakes and that's exactly what you get on the Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike continued momentum for an authentic cycling experience.

The Reebok i-bike 2.1 Exercise Bike is fitted with an exercise computer and digital display which is mounted between the handlebars and displays the time you have been cycling, your current speed and distance as well as the calories you have burned whilst cycling which is very helpful to know if your following a weight loss programme or diet as many diets require you to log your calorie consumption and because the exercise bike tells you how many calories your burning you can add this to your diet plans, if you burn 300 calories on your exercise bike then you might be able to afford a extra 300 calorie treat.
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