Buy Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer.

Buy the Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer with Adjustable Pedals and Handlebars with Built In Fitness Test.

Looking for a home cross trainer tom help you exercise, get fit and lose some weight and like to measure your progress as you go then buy the Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer as it has a built in fitness test that will show you exactly how fit you are, run the fitness test when you first get the cross trainer and run the fitness test every so often to see how your improving over time, it's a great way to actually know how much fitter your getting.
Buy Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer, Adjustable Pedals, Handlebars.

Adjustable Pedals, Handlebars.

There's eight levels of resistance to choose from and the resistance dial is right on the digital display console between the handlebars so it's easy to reach at all times, if your new to cross trainers of just starting to get fit then select a low resistance level and slowly increase the resistance over the following weeks, with eight levels of resistance the Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer is suitable for the beginner as well as the more experienced home fitness user.

The resistance system used is magnetic which is very quiet so if you like to exercise early in the morning or late at night with a magnetic resistance system you won't be waking anyone else in the household, magnetic resistance systems have few moving parts so your home cross trainer will last for many years without wearing out and in fact the Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer comes with a two years on site warranty which includes parts and labour so any problems and a Reebok qualified repair man will visit your home and repair your cross trainer free of charge and even any replacement parts will be free.
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