Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer.

Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer with Servo Adjusted Magnetic Flywheel and Long Stride Crank.

German brand Hammer have manufactured the Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer and its one of the smoothest to use cross trainers thanks to the servo adjusted magnetic flywheel the cross train action feels smooth and natural and not mechanical at all and its the addition of the servo (motor) to the flywheel that allows the cross trainer computer to even out the motion making it very smooth.
Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer, Servo Adjusted Magnetic Flywheel.

Servo Adjusted Magnetic Flywheel, Long Stride Crank.

The crank is a long stride crank which means that if you have long legs your able to take a long stride if you have short legs your fine too as you won't need to extend the crank as far anyway but for those with long legs who have experienced sprains or painful legs after using a cross trainer that was too small for them they will be glad that they have found the Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer.

There's a huge number of built in exercise programmes on the Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer, there's 24 exercise programmes to choose from including 4 heart rate control (HRC) exercise programmes these use pulse sensors in the handlebars to measure your pulse rate and automatically adjust the exercise programmes resistance settings to match your changing heart rate so your always exercising hard and always in the cardiovascular zone where your burning body fat and always safe too there's even a low and high heart rate alarm on the digital display.

The elliptical trainer looks great with a gloss white body and red trimmed flywheel with black handlebars and pedals.

You can use the cross trainer in forward and reverse motion so if you like to pedal backwards (many do) you can and on the digital display your see the power your generating in watts, the speed, time and distance as well as your calorie consumption and pulse rate, by entering your weight on the digital display the Hammer Cavero XTR Cross Trainer is able to accurately calculate your calorie consumption which if your trying to lose weight or following a calorie controlled diet will be important.
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