Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Bike.

Buy Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Bike with Large Adjusting Seat and Colour Digital Display.

Buy a home exercise machine that can be adjusted to your size, buy the Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Bike and don't settle for a exercise bike that's too small or too big because with the Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Bike everything is adjustable, you can adjust the seat up and down as you would expect but you can also adjust the seat forwards and backwards bringing the seat closer or further away too the handlebars the advantage of this is that if you have short arms or are small your want the handlebars closer to the seat and if your pregnant or a larger person your want plenty of room between you and the handlebars so you don't get squashed up between the too.
Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Bike, Large Adjusting Seat.

Large Adjusting Seat.

The exercise bike seat is also large and comfortable with plenty of padding so your actually want to sit on the seat and exercise and not get off the seat as soon as you can, with a large seat your feel well supported and it won't feel like your sat on a razor blade.

The angle of the handlebars also adjusts so you can bring the hand grips closer too you or further away and change the angle from a classic exercise bike into a racing exercise bike.

Also included is a colour LCD display that's mounted between the handlebars and shows you graphs of your performance in real time that change as you cycle and shows you all the cycling statistics your be interested in whilst your exercising everything from the time you have been exercising, the time remaining, your speed, the distance you have cycled (yes, its a static exercise bike, but if it where to be moving you would have covered this distance) and even the calories you have used up whilst exercising are all displayed, if your on a diet then knowing how many calories you have burned from exercise will be important for your diet and exercise regime.
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