Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer.

Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer the Gym Club Quality Low Impact Running and Walking machine.

The Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer is designed to the same standards as gym quality elliptical trainers and is the ideal way to get a low impact exercise at home, whilst running or walking are traditionally thought of as high impact exercises because your put pressure on your joints with every new step or impact on joints through running with a cross trainer you never move your feet off the pedals as the pedals move with you so there is no impact to joints like knees and cross training at home is one of the safest ways to get fit, shape and tone.
Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer, Gym Club Quality.

Gym Club Quality, Low Impact Running and Walking.

The Horizon Fitness EX58 Cross Trainer has a combined exercise computer and digital display which draws a graphical representation of your exercise programme as a series of bars the taller the bars the more resistance will be used at that stage so the harder it will be to pedal, you can therefore at a glance see how hard or easy any of the built in exercise programmes will be and when yiour exercising your be able to see when the easier bits of the programme come up and when its time to work hard.

The Horizon Fitness EX58 Cross Trainer is compatible with Polar heart rate and pulse rate measuring equipment and can receive a wireless signal from any of the Polar range so if you have a Polar watch or Polar chest strap or similar your heart rate will automatically be displayed on the digital display of the Horizon Fitness EX58 Cross Trainer.

As well as heart rate display you can enter your weight and your calorie consumption will be displayed on screen the computer needs to know your weight to accurately calculate your calorie consumption which is then shown ion real time if you exercise harder your see your calorie consumption increase so it's a great way to stay motivated and wanting to burn more calories.
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