JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer.

JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer Includes Large Colour Touch Screen and Graphical Exercise Showcase.

Looking for a cross trainer with a very large display, one that can display your exercise programme graphically so you can see exactly what the exercise programmes involves where the hard bits are and where the easy bits are then you need a cross trainer that can showcase it's exercise programmes on a large touch screen colour display like the one found on the JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer.
JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer, Includes Large Colour Touch Screen.

Includes Large Colour Touch Screen, Graphical Exercise Showcase.

At the rear of the cross trainer is a large 10.5kg flywheel which provides a nice gliding action as it prevents the individual motions of the pedals from becoming a jerky action so your movements are smooth and natural with no wobbling or stability problems.

The JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer is mains powered just plug the UK plug into a normal household socket and adjust the automatic tension control buttons on the touch screen for the required tension that's how hard it is to move the pedals round.

There's 14 exercise programmes built into the JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer and these all offer a smooth entry into the different resistance levels you won't find yourself working out really hard and then suddenly with no warning find no pressure on the pedals so you go flying like some cross trainers.

The JTX Strider X5 Cross Trainer has a 21 stone maximum user weight so its ideal for the whole family to use where adults and children alike will be able to use the cross trainer to get fit,. lose weight or just for fun.

There's a comprehensive 2 year warranty included which covers parts, labour and collection and delivery so no need to pay to have the cross trainer returned if you do have a problem a new one will be sent to you and your defective one collected for free under the warranty claim.
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