Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine.

Buy Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the Folding Rower for Easy Storage with Built In Fitness Test Programme.

If you want to buy a rowing machine for your home it's important to buy a rower that will actually fit into your home and give you space in your room when your not using the rower, with the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the large seat slide folds upwards lifting off the floor so the rower takes up much less floor space in your home, when folded its easier to move as when you lift up one end like you would a wheel barrow the transport wheels touch the floor and you can wheel your rowing machine around your home, it's easy to store the folded rowing machine in one room and then wheel the rowing machine into the room where you want to exercise.
Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine, Folding Rower for Easy Storage.

Folding Rower for Easy Storage.

A magnetic resistance system is used on the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the advantage of magnetic resistance is that it is so very quiet so if you like to listen to the TV or radio whilst you row the sound of the rowing machine won't interrupt you and if your exercising at home then other family members won't be troubled by the noise of your rowing machine which if your going to exercise in the early morning or late at night can be a problem.

With a built in fitness test in the training computer which is mounted within easy reach and at eye level so you can always see the digital display whilst your rowing, use the fitness test to measure your fitness level when you first buy the rowing machine and then continue to measure your fitness weekly and on the digital display the results of your fitness levels will be displayed, you can compare your results weekly as you improve.
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