Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike.

Buy Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike with Built In Fitness Test and Ear Clip Pulse Sensor Included.

Just starting out with home exercise on an exercise bike then buy the Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike and you can make use of the built in fitness test programme which is part of the exercise bikes computer, run the fitness test when you first buy the exercise bike and it will tell you how fit you are the run the fitness test again after a week or two and your see your fitness levels improve, your find it's just like having your own personal trainer exercising with you.
Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike, Built In Fitness Test.

Built In Fitness Test.

For maximum safety the Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike has a motor controlled magnetic braking system so the exercise bike can never run away with you and your always be in full control so if your an exercise bike newbie then this will be a welcome addition.

To make the exercise bike feel like a real bike you would be cycling with on the road the Kettler Golf P Home Exercise Bike has a 9kg flywheel which keeps the momentum going when your cycling, just like on a real cycle when you stop cycling you still have the momentum and that's the same with this exercise bike so the bike feels as natural and authentic as possible.

The cycle has a built in training computer with 8 exercise programmes so you can choose the exercise programme that best meets your goals from losing weight to having a high cardio vascular workout or build muscles in your legs or tone, there's a training programme for all types of exercise.

There's a pulse sensor built into the exercise bikes handlebars and this measures your pulse when you hold the handlebars and calculates your heart rate, also included is a ear clip for measuring the pulse in your ear lobe, if you don't like holding the handlebars when your cycling or want the most precise pulse reading possible then use the ear clip.
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