Kettler Race Training Bike.

Buy Kettler Race Training Bike the Static Home Exercise Cycle with Triathlon Handlebars.

Looking to buy a professional quality static racing bike for home use that has Triathlon spec handlebars and many other advanced features yet at a price that is no more expensive than standard exercise bikes then buy the Kettler Race Training Bike.
Kettler Race Training Bike, Static Home Exercise Cycle.

Static Home Exercise Cycle.

The Kettler Race Training Bike is an outdoor racing bike and a exercise bike all rolled into one, when your cycling on this racing bike you will think your on an outdoor racing bike as everything works the same.

A large 18kg flywheel takes the place of the front wheel and provides lots of momentum so you can reach high speeds and have an indoor racing bike that responds exactly like it's outdoor racing bike counterparts, the flywheel is housed inside safety covers for maximum safety when used at home.

Use the racing computer to set your exercise targets from distance travelled, time taken, calories burned or pulse levels.

The Kettler Race Training Bike is equipped with a recovery pulse measurement programme which can actually measure how fit you are, use the fitness test before you start your training and every week to see your continuing improvement.

You can set your maximum pulse on the training computer and have the cycling exercise programme automatically adjust the resistance you must cycle against to maintain your pulse rate, if you have heart concerns and still want to exercise then setting a maximum pulse is the ideal way to have the machine take care of you and watch your pulse rate for you.

You can also set the pulse range to keep you in the fat burning zone so your burn the most fat without going into muscle growth or stamina phases and purely burning the fat.
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