Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer with Built In Polar Receiver and iPod, MP3 Connectivity.

The Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer is a quality elliptical cross trainer that's solidly built with a quality you can feel and all the extras you would want including a wireless Polar receiver to receive heart rate and pulse signals from any Polar devices like chest straps, watches and sensors and there's a connector for connecting your MP3 player and iPod to your Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer so you can have music out of the built in speakers which are located in the front console.
Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer, Built In Polar Receiver.

Built In Polar Receiver, iPod, MP3 Connectivity.

If you don't like headphones falling off when you exercise or soggy and wet headphones from sweat then the built in speakers on the Livestrong 7.9E Elliptical Cross Trainer will be ideal there's 8 exercise programmes and 16 different resistance levels and everything is selected from the buttons on the display console which uses a high contrast yellow colour for the display digits against a piano black display so its very easy to read in fact the whole elliptical trainer uses the same black colour with bright yellow highlights and silver upper body which is very effective and looks stunning.

The digital display shows all your data on the screen at once using separate display areas so you don't have to wait around for a scroll feature to display the only data item your interested in and with an easy level change button and nice big red emergency stop button and green go button everything is easy to understand.

The pedals on this elliptical cross trainer are very wide far wider than any other cross trainer which really makes a change to have somewhere to stand where there's actually lots of room for your feet and where you won't find yourself perched on the safety guards at the end of the footplates.
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