Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym.

Buy Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym and Work Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Stomach and Legs for All Body Workout.

Need to buy a home gym that will work all of your body from your chest to your arms and legs then buy the Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym, whilst many home gyms will work your arms and your legs very few will work your chest and your abs but with the Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym you even get a Abdominal Crunch machine which will help you get that set of six pack abs you have always wanted.
Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym, Work Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Stomach and Legs.

Work Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Stomach and Legs.

You get a chest press station with an adjustable back rest that lets you adjust the lumbar support, if you have ever suffered with a bad back then don't go making your bad back any worse by exercising without lumbar support, many home gyms don't offer lumbar support and that's a recipe for a bad back so buy the Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym.

As well as a chest press station you get a butterfly press, lateral pull down bar, leg extensions and leg curls, seated rowing machine, abdominal crunch machine, triceps bar and an ankle strap for doing side kicks, if you are a swimmer or runner your need to build up your legs and doing side kicks will certainly help.

You also get a printed exercise chart, its one thing to buy your own home gym, but quite another to know how to use it and actually get the exercise benefit from being able to use your home gym properly, with the exercise chart you can see clearly how to use the Marcy MP2106 Home Multigym and more importantly how to use it properly for maximum benefit.

Included is 65kh of weights on a secure weight stack that is shielded so you and the children can't get fingers and hands caught between the weights, an important safety feature for a home gym, the minimum weight you can lift on any machine is 5kg and the weight can be increased 5kg at a time until the maximum weight of 65kg, also cable resistance of 92kg maximum is also available so your be able to use this one home gym throughout your training carer as its suitable for the beginner as well as the expert home gym user.
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