Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym.

Buy Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym the Space Saving Seated Multigym with Free Same Day Shipping.

Need a home multigym in a hurry then buy the Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym which is in stock and will be dispatched the very same day you order for free, but it's not just the free same day shipping that makes the Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym such a good deal it's a space saving multigym that's designed to fit into the smallest of rooms as its a seated multigym which means you do all your exercises both upper body and lower body whilst sat in the exercise chair, there's no reason to get out of the chair whilst your exercising.
Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym, Space Saving Seated Multigym.

Space Saving Seated Multigym.

Ideal for those with limited mobility as you don't have to get in and out of the exercise chair all the time like you have to with some home gyms that spread the fitness machines around all sides of the home gym and ideal for those with limited room as everything is chair based.

Fitted with dual action press arms for shoulder press, incline press, chest press and independent pec fly arms, oversized roller pads are fitted on the leg extension and leg curl stations to prevent injury and provide the correct pivot point for muscle isolation so the leg muscles are worked in the optimum position for maximum training with to strains or injuries.

Also included is a lat bar, shiver bar and ankle strap for side kicks.

The Marcy MP2500 Home Multigym is made from strong steel box section with a smart grey powdered coat that's easy to clean and resistant to scratches and knocks.

The large two part seat is well padded and comfortable and features a smart two tone dark grey and orange design and you can sit on the seat forwards or backwards depending on the exercised your doing, sit forwards for chest press and backwards for lat pull downs.
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