Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S.

Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S with Colourful Blue Design and Smooth Quiet Action.

If your looking for an elliptical cross trainer that will look good in your home as well as offering a great workout consider the Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S it's white in colour with blue highlights on the flywheel.
Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S, Colourful Blue Design.

Colourful Blue Design, Smooth Quiet Action.

The Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S has a modern contemporary design and uses the M-Force EMS braking system for resistance and braking this is a electro-magnetic system that's similar to the MagLev trains braking system so you certainly have a lot of stopping power there and being electro-magnetic it's very quiet too with few moving parts to wear out.

There's 8 levels of resistance to choose from this is the resistance you exercise against on the pedals and its fully adjustable by a resistance knob on the handlebar stem, the Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S is available in a range of colours from blue, red, green (day glow) and black so there's plenty of choice.

The rear mounted flywheel weighs 20kg and that's a very solid weight for an elliptical trainer flywheel so you're going to get plenty of inertia and smooth strokes on the elliptical trainer with no wobbling or vibration in comparison most elliptical trainers only have an 11kg flywheel.

The LCD display mounted on the handlebars shows in real time (changes as you speed up and slow down) speed, distance, time, calories and pulse rate, the pulse rate is measured from pulse sensors hidden in the handlebars, hold the handlebars for your pulse rate to be automatically read and displayed on the screen, there's 4 exercise programmes available and the footplates are adjustable for different size of users (no tools required to adjust the footplate size).

This elliptical trainer has adjustable floor level feet so you can make the elliptical trainer sit level even on the most unlevel of floors.
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