Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine.

Buy Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine with Massive 20 Year Parts and Labour Warranty and Solid All Metal Construction

Want to buy a rowing machine for home use that will last for many, many years then buy the Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine as it's guaranteed to last for 20 years and not just the frame is guaranteed like other rowing machine manufacturers who only guarantee the bit of the rowing machine that could never ever break but all the rowing machine is guaranteed along with 20 years of labour, so if you ever get a fault on your Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine in the next 20 years there will be nothing to pay and your rowing machine will be fixed straight away, that's certainly a very good deal.
Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine, Massive 20 Year Parts and Labour Warrenty.

Massive 20 Year Parts and Labour Warrenty.

The Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine has an all metal construction so its tough and will take plenty of knocks and bangs and support all sizes of rowing machine user from the lightest to the very heaviest.

The Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine is a folding rowing machine so when not in use the long seat slide can be lifted up and locked into a vertical position creating a rowing machine with a much smaller footprint that won't take up so much room in your home.

Built into the Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine is a Polar wireless heart rate measurement system so you can see your heart rate displayed on the digital display which is located at eye level and easy to read even on the backwards stroke when your furthest away.

Exercise programmes are built into the training computer and these can be controlled by the heart rate reading from the Polar heart rate measurement so the exercise program will get harder or easier depending on your changing heart rate, always keeping you safe and exercising within safe limits.
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