Nootropics are supplements that help your mental speed, focus and memory, nootropics increase cognitive reasoning (makes you smarter) and are a powerful blend of vitamins and amino acids which are the essential building blocks of brain function, a healthy and well-functioning brain is essential to increased mental abilities and will improve your memory and learning ability, help you concentrate and focus and help your cognitive abilities (ability to solve problems), over one hundred thousand people have used this Nootropics supplement to get smarter, now with nootropics you can upgrade your brain and get smarter, gain more focus, pass exams, remember your revision and improve on the brain that you where born with.

As Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company once said Ďthinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few people do ití, its hard work but you can make it easier with nootropics or brain foods as they are sometimes called, nootropics are drugs and supplements that can enhance your cognitive reasoning abilities (make you smarter), they improve reasoning, memory and concentration, if you canít remember things and have a limited attention span and have trouble deciding what to do, nootropics can help.

Nootropics are known as smart drugs which help boost brain functions, improve your memory, improve your ability to concentrate and not get distracted, improve your ability to multitask and do several jobs at the same time, increase mental energy so your able to think more clearly and get more done and improve your ability to communicate with others, choose your words better and learn new languages, if you had more brain power, what would you do, who would you be, itís no longer a science fiction dream, nootropics are here, and people are getting smart using them.

Modern diets just donít provide the essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy brain function, over time that has a serious effect on your brains ability to think, remember, recall facts, process information and learn, now you can improve your brain function and sharpen your mind by taking nootropics, these supplements and drugs provide your brain with the amino acids, vitamins and minerals that you need for proper and improved brain function and they work, just take two capsules and wait 30 minutes and youíre have enhanced mental clarity and focus, your get more done, your think more clearly, youíre solve difficult problems, youíre remember what you have read, and your level of intelligence will increase as you practice these new-found skills.

Your reactions will be faster, youíre be better at sport, your focus is clearer, and your awareness is heightened, if youíre in a stressful situation, youíre be able to think more clearly and with greater clarity make the right decision, youíre be more productive, getting more done than ever before because now you can keep your mind on the job and with the greater efficiency brought on by clearer thinking your get more done in less time and your mind will feel sharper, more able to solve difficult problems and remember details, if your taking exams worried about failure, struggling at work or just donít feel like you have the mental skills to succeed in what youíre doing, it may be because youíre not feeding your brain with brain food, smart pills designed to make you smarter.

Nootropics are designed by neuroscientists (brain doctors), neuroscientists study how the brain functions and are able to advise on how to improve brain function and keep your brain healthy by feeding your brain with the appropriate vitamins, minerals and amino acids (smart pills), this nootropic is made up of pure amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to be safe and yet powerful, to increase brain performance and cognitive functioning, much clinical research has been done over the years about how you can improve your brain function by the foods you eat and its these vitamins and minerals that are included in the two easy to swallow capsules that improve brain function.

Many of the ingredients used in smart pills are the same ingredients now recommended to Alzheimerís and dementia sufferers to help, improve and reverse their Alzheimerís or dementia, drinking coffee for the caffeine hit is a common nootropic but its also a dangerous one because itís a stimulant which makes you alert but also increases anxiety and stress due to the nature of caffeine, whilst many nootropic supplements will contain caffeine its not a good idea to give yourself the shakes for the sake of a stimulant to help alertness when there are other good nootropics available, if your addicted to coffee to stay awake and keep your brain functioning then try a nootropic instead, your get the same alertness and clarity of thought without the jitters and serious health issues that overuse of stimulants like caffeine can give you.

The ingredients used in this nootropic have been developed by neuroscientists and are backed by clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of the ingredients thereís no caffeine and no genetically modified foods in this nootropic and that canít be said for other nootropics which contain both coffee and genetically modified crops and cereals, this nootropic has clinically proven ingredients and is designed with safety in mind, no stimulants to give you the jitters and cause addiction, just amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to feed your brain, to improve your cognitive functioning (brain power) your need Alpha Glyceryl phosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC) this is an acetylcholine or neurotransmitter that sends messages to communicate with the brain cells, your need it to improve your memory, concentration and learning and has been nicknamed the learning transmitter.

Alpha GPC is given to Alzheimer patients to improve cognitive function, this will help you learn more, learn faster, remember more and have clarity of thought, itís not just for Alzheimerís sufferers but anyone wanting to improve their brain power, the Chinese moss plant has a vital part to play in nootropics the compound Huperzine is an acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) inhibitor, which means that it increases acetylcholine in the brain for improved concentration, mental clarity and memory it is also used in the treatment of Alzheimerís disease, cats claw a vine that grows in jungle areas has been found to contain neuroprotective properties which means it improves your brain health and cognitive abilities, so your get smarter and not suffer from mental capacity deterioration.

Catís claw protects against free radicals and the destruction of brain cells which lower your mental capacity, mental alertness, memory and cognitive function, thereís an Indian herb called Bacopa which helps repair damaged brain neurons and promotes brain growth which causes increased cognitive function (makes you smarter) and mental performance (your ability to solve maths problems for example), Bacopa is used as a Nootropic and also for the treatment of dementia and Alzheimerís, Bacopa is particularly effective for age related cognitive decline which means as you get older and your mental abilities degenerate, Bacopa can help prevent the degeneration.

Your get a significant improvement in memory taking Bacopa with memory retention, the ability to retain facts and figures increased in both the young and the elderly, oats straw that is extracted from wild green oats has been used as a brain booster for hundreds of years, this compound increases alpha 2 waves in the brain and controls inflammation leading to more blood flowing to the brain to help you maintain alertness, by taking oats straw which is also part of this nootropic your reaction time will increase and your general cognitive speed, the speed at which your able to do mental tasks will increase, if you have a slow cognitive response (youíre a slow thinker) then your get faster taking oats straw.

Attention, concentration and the ability to maintain task focus and not get distracted will increase with oats straw which also goes by the name avena sativa, you may have heard that green tea and black tea is a good nootropic and thatís because both teas contain theanine which is an amino acid that helps relieves stress and increases neurotransmitter activity in the brain, thatís why people say drink green tea to reduce stress, but with the studies done by nootropics companies its been found that green and black tea are also able to reduce the effects of stress and fatigue on the brain, so your work harder for longer and not feel mentally tired or stressed, taking a nootropic will help you take on many different tasks at once and remain focused on all the tasks, we all lead busy and stressful lives and nootropics help you cope by giving you the mental powers to understand what youíre doing, remember important facts, not get stressed and have instant recall and improved mental strengths.

You need mental energy, mental strength and stamina to compete in todays fast paced world, whether thatís at university needing to cram for exams or in a stressful job filled with numbers, maths and the need to perform mentally better than anyone else, nootropics gives you that edge, if your used to drinking lots of coffee to get awake, stay awake and stay alert you have probably plateaued where coffee no longer gives you the edge, or at least not for much of the day, thatís where nootropics can help, nootropics unlike coffee are not addictive as this nootropic does not contain caffeine and you wonít get all nervous and twitchy with nootropics like you do with caffeine.

If you get nervous and just canít perform at your best, needing to give presentations and getting stressed in meetings, then nootropics can give you that mental edge of clarity and calmness that allows you to think clearly and think with greater clarity and metal performance than before, if clear thinking and focus are important in helping you achieve your goals then your love nootropics, itís the way to kickstart your brain each morning and stay in top mental performance all day, your productivity and focus will increase and your be able to remember more and get more down than ever before, your stay focused and perform at your best in high stress situations, your be able to multitask, from the very first time you take a nootropic your feel the difference.

This nootropic comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if the nootropic does not work for you and you see no mental improvements then you can get your money back, thatís a guarantee of a company that knows their product works and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied users all around the world, these nootropics come in a bottle containing 60 capsules, but if you buy two bottles your get one bottle free and if you buy three bottles your get three bottles free, its great value especially with the bulk buys and free bottles and your have nootropics at hand for every time you need an edge, need increased mental ability or just need to start feeding your brain super foods every day.

When you take a nootropic the brain effect will take thirty minutes to start and will last for eight to ten hours depending on the metal alertness your using over that period, you can take more than one nootropic at a time as this nootropic does not contain any dangerous stimulants like caffeine, nootropics that do not contain stimulants like caffeine or genetically modified crops do not have side effects, the amino acids, vitamins and minerals are found in organic foods, its these essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that everyone should be getting from the food they eat, but of course no one is eating superfoods each day and thatís where these nootropic capsules come in.

Start by taking two nootropics capsules each morning with breakfast then increase to a maximum of 4 nootropic capsules per day as you learn how your brain responds to these brain pills, your see memory function increase, your reasoning powers improve, and youíre be quicker on your feet and able to think standing up.